• Are You Considering Using The Surface Master?

    This site is dedicated to our past clients that were gracious enough to leave an impression upon us, and our future clients looking for a “3rd party voice” about their purchase. We wanted to compile a list of our Testimonials from the past, so a truly curious customer can hear from real homeowners and real business owners and see what they really have to say.

    Are You Considering Using The Surface Master?
  • It’s called “The Surface Master” for a reason.

    The versatility of this product is incredible, as it can be used on any concrete, wood, or metal surface. We hope these pictures serve you as a way to see the applications for our product.

    It’s called “The Surface Master” for a reason.
  • With 20+ Color Options, The Surface Master Is Perfect For Any Project!

    National Coatings Inc. has focused on its color selection to make it an easy fit for any project, whether residential or commercial. A customers preference in color will vary from one job to the next based on many factors. With over 20 color choices, and 2 different types of Clear coats, we are positive we will be able to fit any need you may have.

    With 20+ Color Options, The Surface Master Is Perfect For Any Project!

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Retrofab Coatings has used The Surface Master product on about a dozen floors. The coatings work great and has done what the product claims. It protects and provides a new look. It is also very easy to apply in a spray or roll on application. –Alan Levine, Retrofab Coatings

I used this coating on my patio last summer. It still looks great. It held up very well during the winter. It is extremely durable and the non-skid finish was exactly what I was looking for. –Stanely Klein, Homeowner, VA

Sales rep was so knowledgeable and helped me with my choice. Delivered very quickly. He followed up with a phone call to make sure I didn't have any issues. The paint was exceptionally easy to apply and looks fabulous. GREAT QUALITY. –Margaret Kriete, Homeowner, FL

We applied the clear coating on our cold storage floor. It looks amazing and holds up really well under the constant forklift traffic. Highly recommend the use of the product. –Antonette Anich, Les Sandrini Farms

I have 1,500 sq ft of concrete deck around my pool. My pool and concrete deck are 30 years old and have gone through 3 major restorations (every 10 years). I have had "concrete staining products" applied to the deck surface at least 9 times. Each time the results are the same, looks good at first, then as the outdoor furniture is slid across the surface and my grandchildren move the sliding board and diving board from one end to the other, the surface of the concrete deck starts to deteriorate, showing wear and tear marks that must be sanded and retouched constantly. Your product has been in place and tested through furniture installation, pool parties and several kids birthday parties. Thanks to you, the surface of my concrete deck has never looked better, it has maintained its "New Look" and an added feature is the kids don't slip when running (and you cannot stop them from running) because the National Coating Surface is absolutely "NON-SKID". –Edward Kelly, Homeowner NC

"I live in a house that is over 300 years old with mostly hard wood floors. With two large dogs, I have never been happy with the effort it took to keep them (the wood floors) looking their best... Until I discovered your product. I began by refinishing the kitchen floor which had the highest traffic, as it turned out, I did the project backwards. The floor looked so good that my wife wanted me to replace the appliances, counter top, repaint, etc. After a month of heavy work, all I did was sweep the floor and it still looked great!!! The only thing better than your product is the customer service."

–James Moore, Homeowner Oxford CT