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Port City Motors in Wilmington, North Carolina    ”

We got a testimonial back from an auto garage, Port City Motors, in Wilmington, NC:

“Very pleased with end result.  We have several floor surfaces in our warehouse– Various vinyl tiles, cement.  This coating really did a nice job of covering.”

-Curtis Hickman

We received this testimonial from Rob over at Protec Ponds, where the recently redid their stairwells and trim with The Surface Master!

“Very happy with it!”  -Rob, Protec Ponds

Retrofab Coatings has used The Surface Master product on about a dozen floors. The coatings work great and has done what the product claims. It protects and provides a new look. It is also very easy to apply in a spray or roll on application. –Alan Levine, Retrofab Coatings

I used this coating on my patio last summer. It still looks great. It held up very well during the winter. It is extremely durable and the non-skid finish was exactly what I was looking for. –Stanely Klein, Homeowner, VA

Sales rep was so knowledgeable and helped me with my choice. Delivered very quickly. He followed up with a phone call to make sure I didn't have any issues. The paint was exceptionally easy to apply and looks fabulous. GREAT QUALITY. –Margaret Kriete, Homeowner, FL